Customer stories

Discover how leading brands use personal shopping as a new, digital sales channel with high retention.

Scaling a box service for men

We Fashion wanted to offer their WE Members an extraordinary service. They launched the WE BOX, a personal shopping service with 2 complete looks, unique for every customer.

  • Live within 4 weeks
  • On sales target within 8 weeks
  • New sales from email campaigns only
  • High conversion

Personal outfits for men

PME Legend is a lifestyle denim brand for men in The Netherlands and Germany. Their goal is to make shopping as hassle-free as possible. Personal shopping is a great way to show their customers new products and looks.

  • Average order values significantly higher than web orders
  • High retention

Personal shopping in store

Van Tilburg is extremely strong in their personal approach towards customers. They have a great history in personal shopping. Gustein empowers their personal shoppers to improve customer satisfaction and increase recurring revenue.

  • 17 Instore personal shoppers
  • 122 Phone calls per day

Box service for kids

Bundleboon is a subscriptions service for kidswear. Parents can talk to a stylist and receive a box with handpicked clothes. They are on their way to disrupt the way kids clothes are bought.

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Increased retention rate and recurring revenue

Box service for men & women

Scotch & Soda believes in a strong direct to consumer approach. Because they have excellent personal shopping training instore, it was logical to bring this service online.

  • Separate men & women onboarding flows
  • High retention
  • High average order values

Personal shopping for men with style

House of Einstein is a pure player personalized subscription for menswear. Started in 2012, they are well known for their constant service level and customer satisfaction due to a very personal approach.

  • 75% of revenue from recurring customers
  • Review score of 4.7/5 on Google

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