Retail Outlook Talk show: New And Relevant Business Models

It is no secret that retail is changing, due to this businesses need to adapt by the means of new and relevant business models. What business models are the future and how should you adapt to stay relevant? Find out in the Retail Outlook talk show on new and relevant business models where our CEO Mei Ling Tan was part of amongst various other interesting companies.


Superflow CEO Mei Ling Tan discussing a subject during the Retail Outlook talkshow

Superflow CEO Mei Ling Tan

Watch the talk show here on YouTube

Host: Frank Quix

He is not only the host of this amazing talk show but also managing director / partner at Q&A Insights and Consultancy. Q&A is a specialised consulting firm for retail working for various major retailers across Europe. Their mission is to improve the clients performance bit by bit every day.

DHL: Karin Captain (Head Strategic Accounts) 

There is a giant chance you have heard or even used one of their services before. DHL is a german courier, parcel and mail service founded in 1969. DHL had a unique business model when starting out back in the day distinguishing them from the competition.

Check: Paul van Merrienboer (Managing Director)

Check is an electric scooter sharing service, their goal is to transport people from their starting point all the way to where they have to go in under 15 minutes by the use of a simple app where you will be charged on the distance of the trip. They are currently active in various cities in The Netherlands and plan to expand even further.

Superflow: Mei Ling Tan (CEO)

Mei Ling Tan is one of the founders and CEO of Superflow, Superflow was founded in 2019 where our mission is to become the global market leader in subscription technology. We believe personalisation is key if you want to build a fast growing subscription business.

ABN AMRO:  Eelco Gelauff (Sector Director Retail)

ABN AMRO is the third-largest bank in The Netherlands with their headquarters located in the beautiful Amsterdam, ABN AMRO is an enterprising bank with a primary focus on Northwest Europe. They serve clients in the retail, private banking and corporate banking sectors.

Subjects covered:
  • Trends & technology in retail
  • Data, data and data
  • The importance of sustainability
  • Conversion
  • The importance of a customer relationship

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