SaaS Company Superflow: How it all started | Podcast

SaaS Company founder Mei Ling Tan Curious to hear how SaaS Company Superflow started? How did the SaaS technology developed? What is our vision on the future of retail technology? Listen to this Podcast that was recorded by Johan de Wit from SaasBazen. In this podcast our founder Mei Ling Tan was interviewed on how to start a disruptive SaaS company. It is a very personal conversation in which Mei Ling explains how Superflow started and how the technology was developed. She also talks about the transition from founder to CEO and maintaining a good work-life balance. 

Mei Ling Tan founded Superflow together with Jantien Herfst in 2019. The technology came into existence through their first company. House of Einstein – founded in 2012 – is an online personal shopping service for men. This innovative, new business concept grew from a small start-up into a bustling online retail company. Already at an early stage, other retailers came to the founders to ask if they could use the platform. In the beginning of 2019 they launched SaaS company Superflow with the first customer: WE Fashion. This fashion brand used the platform to offer their own personal shopping service.

CEO Mei Ling explains how important House of Einstein was for Superflow. The technology was developed based on real needs and requirements, developers were on the same floor as personal shoppers. Also, their experience in marketing and operations is of great value for the Superflow customers. The Superflow platform in combination with this management support helps companies to be on their commercial targets within weeks.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Introduction (min 0:00 – min 4:50)
  • The technology behind superflow (min 4:50 – min 8:24)
  • How Superflow came to life (min 8:24 – min 13:00)
  • Who are our clients? (min 13:00 – min 20:25)
  • How do you sell the platform to new clients? (min 20:25 – min 22)
  • The success stories of our customers (min 25:30 – min 27:30)
  • How is the relation with your business partner Jantien Herfst? (min 27:30 – min 31:30)
  • The most memorable moments from starting the business until now (min 31:30 – min 36:20)
  • Product market fit (min 36:20 – min 42:40)
  • Let’s talk about funding (min 42:40 – min 45:00)
  • What would you do differently when starting a new business now? (min 45:00 – min 48:10)
  • Founder to CEO, the transition (min 48:10 – min 51:55)
  • In search for balanced leadership (min 51:55 – min 58:00)
  • Work-life balance (min 58:00 – min 61:04)
  • One last golden tip for people in the SaaS industry (min 61:04 – min 65-:27)


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