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Growing revenue by Recurring Business: How to put more focus on Recurring Customers.

We have something cool for you! We teamed up with Futureness to produce a Masterclass on how to grow revenue by recurring business. This masterclass is very valuable for Retail Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders in Consumer Goods with big growth aspirations. In the video our founder Mei Ling Tan explains how to grow revenue by focusing more on the customers you already have.

You want to make impact, grow your business. However, many entrepreneurs and business leaders focus on adding new customers to their database. However, there might be a big hidden potential in your existing customer base. You can actually grow your business by putting more focus on existing customers. You just have to structure how you can add value throughout your customers lifetime. It will enable you to grow more sustainably while becoming more relevant to your customers. In this Masterclass our founder and CEO Mei Ling explains how to do this in a systematical way. So you can start tomorrow!

You can check the Masterclass on Recurring Business on Futureness!

What can you expect to learn:

  • Why recurring business is so important, why a lot of people overlook this
  • How you specifically add more value to existing customers
  • How you can create a system to gain more recurring business
  • Which data is important in order to balance the growth of your company
  • Make your team aware of the importance on recurring business
  • Become better in aftersales
  • How to become more relevant to your customers
  • How to involve your team

How Superflow enables Growing revenue by Recurring Business

The vision of Mei Ling that becomes clear in this Masterclass is the basis behind the IT architecture of Superflow. Superflow helps retailers to design the full customer journey, throughout the customers lifetime. With Superflow you will never forget a customer and are able to schedule communication when relevant. This is how it enables you to scale by recurring business.

Why you should learn from Mei Ling Tan, founder of Superflow and House Of Einstein:

Before Superflow, Mei Ling Tan founded House Of Einstein, an online styling service that sells personalised clothing boxes for men. House Of Einstein gains 80% out of 1,5 million euro in revenue from recurring customers, which is extremely high for a business in the fashion industry. Over the last 8 years Mei Ling was able to grow House Of Einstein on the basis of data, she did this whilst humanity and a personal touch remained the number one priority. Over this period House Of Einstein created a system where recurring business is planned and not just a coincidence. Mei Ling has a strong vision on leadership for the future. She sees that the new generation of leaders bring more social cohesion and inclusion, this is why her mission is to help companies become more healthier, profitable and stronger.

Growing revenue by recurring business

Growing revenue by recurring business


Do you want to learn more about our vision and founders? Make sure to check out the podcast with our CEO Mei Ling Tan and SaaS BazenĀ 

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