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Growing Retail during Corona

Webinar Growing Retail during Corona

The landscape of retail has changed enormously due to the Corona pandemic. The change in consumer behaviour has pushed the retail industry to transform quicker than ever. There is a big move towards digital channels, as the number of online orders keep rising. Big e-commerce players such as Amazon, Bol.com and Zalando are fighting for the attention of the customer. At the same time, the Corona pandemic leads to more appreciation of local stores, personal services and human contact. Having a personal service might be your most valuable card to play. But as a retailer, how can you turn personal shopping into a highly profitable business? Growing retail during corona, what are concrete steps to take?

What? Webinar on Growing Retail during Corona.
For who? Retailers with growth ambitions.

Rewatch the webinar through the following link.

Topics covered during the webinar:

  • Intro (0:00-8:00)
  • What we recently learned (8:00-21:00)
  • Personalisation (21:00-26:08)
  • How to obtain more revenue from a personal shopper client (26:08-38:20)
  • Which data is important when you want to grow as personal shopper (38:20-47:09)
  • How to manage a team effectively (47:09-57:36)
  • Questions and outro (57:36-End)


Our success on recurring customers

Founder and CEO Mei Ling Tan

Mei Ling Tan, founder and CEO of Superflow

In this webinar our founder and CEO Mei Ling Tan will bring new inspiration to you commercial strategy. Before starting Superflow, Mei Ling Tan founded House Of Einstein. An online personal shopping service for men. Currently, 80% of the revenue of House of Einstein comes from recurring customers. This makes her the expert in business models focussing on a deeper, personal connection with customers. Her vision is the base for the Superflow platform, that helps other retailers such as WE Fashion and PME Legend to achieve more revenue from recurring customers.

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