The future of online personal shopping | Podcast

What is our vision on the future of online personal shopping? How did we develop our vision, methodology and technology? Listen to this new podcast in which we share our story. 

We developed the Podcast together with Dirk Mulder, Sector Bank Trade, Retail & Automotive at ING Business Banking. In the podcast we describe the impact of personal shopping on the Dutch retail sector. The podcast includes the story behind Superflow. How it all started.

Our founder Mei Ling Tan tells about her first company: an online personal shopping service for men called House Of Einstein. She then explains how this led to the start of the Superflow technology. Mei Ling discusses issues they face as a start-up and her vision for the future of retail.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this 25 minute powerful podcast with Dirk Mulder.

Podcast with Dirk Mulder on entrepreneuring, microphone picture

Topics covered during the podcast:

💙 The future of retail according to founder Mei Ling Tan
💙 Growing retail during COVID-19
💙 How it all started (Superflow & House Of Einstein)
💙 The challenges of starting a business
💙 Current trends in the retail sector

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