Increase sales through online personal advice

Are you ready for the next level of customer intimacy? Get personal and increase your sales from digital channels.

✔️ Lead generation ✔️ Commercial follow up ✔️ Product advice

Your customer is ready for it.
Are you? 

COVID-19 changed the game of retail forever. We need to rethink our model. Customers want to do as much as possible online. Stores and showrooms will have a new function. We believe it is time to think about customer journeys in a more personal and structured way. Find out the retail transition we accelerate.

Start listening to your customer.

Increase conversion from visitor to lead. Our lead generation tool is fun and exciting for customers, because it is interactive and about them! Use the personal data to connect to the right advisor and start segmenting.

Build strong and consistent customer journeys.

Be sure every lead becomes a buying customer using our workflow system. Design the customer journey that is commercially strong and convenient for the customer. Your advisor will have a clear overview of which customer to contact for what reason on which channel (video, phone, e-mail or Whatsapp).

Give your advisors clear and efficient work processes.

Having the commercial information of customers – who they are, where they are in their customer journey, what they want and when they want it – into one system creates the possibility to scale the business.

Stay with your customers throughout their lifetime.

We make sure you stay relevant throughout the lifetime of your customers by asking them: when is a good time to come back to you? Having the answers to this question in our system creates a massive commercial potential for recurring sales.

Your own personal advice team, empowered by our technology

With over 7 years of experience in the personal shopping market, Superflow is the partner to kickstart and grow your online sales.

What sets us apart?

✔️ Technology

Our platform supports every business process needed to grow revenue based on personal advice. Lead generation, messaging, order management – we’ve got it covered.

✔️ Management support

We team up with your people to gain operational excellence and reach commercial targets. We provide commercial trainings that will make your people grow.

✔️ Focus on scale

We invest in data, algorithms and AI to make personal advice more scalable. Our goal is to maximise the revenue per advisor, while maintaining a personal customer experience.

A proven business model

Our technology was originally created for House of Einstein, an online personal shopping service for mens clothing in the Netherlands. Seven years of experience in this market proofs our technology and empowers us to accelerate retailers in other markets.

Ready to get started?

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